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Booze labels from the Wayback Machine

I know I’m not the only beer person who also digs local history. Thus, I can’t be the only one who’d enjoy the California Historical Society‘s Vintage Beer, Wine, & Spirits Labels exhibition. The exhibition opened in December, but I live … Continue reading

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Imagine a brewery here. Part 4: Temescal

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the adventures/frustrations of tracking down old East Bay breweries is trying to nail down the exact locations. Phone books and other documents of the pre-Prohibition era often gave only intersections (or less). Sometimes we … Continue reading

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Oakland beer ads, 1890s

First off, if you’ve been enjoying my beer history tidbits, you’ve got to check out what my friend Brian is doing over at BygoneBeer.com. Those old beer labels and drinking postcards are a trip! Today’s local beer history comes to … Continue reading

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Imagine a brewery here. Part 1: East Oakland

At one point I tried to research where the East Bay’s breweries were located before prohibition. It turns out historical research is real work. It also turns out it’s hard to trace 100-year-old businesses, even with all the rad old … Continue reading

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How to get free drinks for life (in 1936)

We’ve talked about the goofy rule that prevented alcohol from being served within a mile of UC Berkeley both before and after federal Prohibition. It’s also pretty undeniable that women represented a disproportionate number of Prohibitionist do-gooders. However, at least … Continue reading

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Berkeley’s premature Prohibition

It was a different Berkeley then. Flip through newspaper articles from 100 years ago and you’ll see. Stray dogs roaming the streets. Gypsy camps throwing all-night parties. Yet divorces made the paper (scandal!) and you could be arrested for riding … Continue reading

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The rise, fall, and re-rise of New Albion Brewery

Only adventurous beer drinkers living in the Bay Area 30 to 35 years ago got to sample the wares of America’s first modern microbrwery. However, thanks to Boston Beer Company — yes, the makers of Sam Adams Lager — New … Continue reading

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Follow Friday: Maureen @maureenogle

Twitter is actually a pretty lousy venue for telling someone who to follow on Twitter. In this series, I’ll use way more than 140 characters to point out people making social media not a less of a waste of time. … Continue reading

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